Q. What is LabAnnex?

A. LabAnnex is a lab management solution published by Magic Touch Software.

Designed with smaller laboratories in mind, this web hosted application can help optimize production processes and improve customer service by creating a system of accountability and responsibility. Utilizing the call tracking system, case management and invoicing, your lab can enjoy the organization and efficiency of larger labs in the business.

Q. Who is Magic Touch Software?

A. Magic Touch Software is the leading publisher of Dental Laboratory Customer and Production Management Software today. Currently, MTSI works with and supports a large number of Labs around the globe.

Q. Can I Trust Magic Touch Software with my Customer Data?

A. Absolutely. You can rest assured that we not only work with the largest laboratories in the business but we also help smaller operations achieve success. All agree; Magic Touch Software operates on principles of integrity, excellent customer service, and superior dental lab software products. All of our customers share a complete trust in what we do and know that we do everything in our power to secure your database.

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Q. Is LabAnnex really FREE?

A. Yes, this product is offered at absolutely no cost to you. There are no gimmicks and no catch, just a great opportunity. LabAnnex basic as it is presented today is absolutely FREE. We may introduce optional premium features in the future and offer these tools to labs that may find them useful.

Q. How can we offer this for free?

A. We feel that many smaller labs are somewhat at a disadvantage when it comes to Dental Lab Management Software which in turn makes it even more difficult to grow their business, especially with today’s economy. By providing LabAnnex Basic for free, we know this great tool will help these smaller labs to provide better service to their customers and in turn grow their business. We are confident that once you start using the product and realizing the benefits, when the right time comes, you would want to upgrade to one of our flagship products.

Q. Is there a limit to how many Customers or Cases I can add?

A. No, there are currently no limits to the number of Customers or Cases you may manage in the system.

Q. Is my data safe?

A. Absolutely. The direct connection to our database is created utilizing secure HTTPS services (SSL) with full encryption. These same protocols are also employed in all online banking and financial companies providing the most secured connection possible.

Q. Will customer account information ever be shared?

A. Absolutely NOT. No one will ever have access to your customer list and we would never share your customer information with anyone under any circumstances. As long as you protect your logon ID and password, no one can access your database other than those you have specified under the users settings. You are responsible for maintaining the confidentiality of your user ID and password, and are fully responsible for all activities that occur under your password.

Q. How about Data Backups?

A. We backup the data once a night to the local server where it is then transferred to another server offsite.

Q. Do you provide support?

A. Yes. All support issues are handled via email. Our response time for basic support emails is between 24 to 48 hours. In most cases, the reply could be as short as few hours. MTS also offers phone support as well at $25 USD per incident paid by Credit Card at time of call. If the issue is determined to be a system malfunction, the support fee is waived and you will not be billed.

Q. What are the differences between the Basic and Premium product?

A. LabAnnex basic is what is currently available for use to the general public. There are a number of new features that are currently being developed and will be made available as part of a Premium package at a later date. We will notify all of our customers once these features become available.

Q. What if I decide to stop using LabAnnex?

A. Since there are no contracts or obligations, you are free to stop using LabAnnex at any time. At the same time, It is also important to note that your account will be disabled if not utilized for a 30 consecutive days and ultimately deleted from our system after 90 days of inactivity.

Q. Could I receive my data if I discontinue using LabAnnex?

A. Yes. For a service fee of $199, we will produce 3 Excel files comprising your Customers, Invoices and Payments as they exist in your database. You must request this in writing and via email. Once we are able to authenticate your request, the 3 files will be created, encrypted, and emailed directly.

Q. Could I occasionally request an export of my records?

A. Yes. At any time, you may request an export of your current data. For a $25 service fee, MTS will send you an Excel file containing all of your customers. Again, you must make this request by email while logged on to LabAnnex.